Movement Matters

Movement Matters

Movement specialists focused on getting your body moving!

About Us

Movement Matters are specialists in getting your body moving the right way. We guide you to wellness through movement in a range of different services. Get flexible with Yoga classes, stable through Pilates classes, mobile through sports massages, and experience freedom with medically accredited Biokinetics services.

We believe that many of our health concerns would be improved if only we moved more. Because movement matters – to you, to your health, and to us!

Pilates Classes

Find intrinsic stability through a strength and mobility practice which can assist with injury prevention, sports performance and overall wellness.

Yoga Classes

Find flow with Hatha-inspired yoga classes with a focus on precision and form to get you in touch with your body, finding balance, strength and flexibility.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage which targets specific muscles in order to find relief, improve circulation, aiding in recovery and can assist with injury management.

Biokinetics Services

Bioknetics assists people with orthopaedic and other chronic conditions by prescribing specific exercise programs and stretches to improve quality of life.

Class Schedule

Pilates: Thursdays @ 08:00AM.
Beginners Yoga: Tuesdays @ 08:00AM.
Intermediate Yoga: Tuesday @ 07:00AM, Thursdays @ 07:00AM.
Fitness Classes: Mondays @ 17:00PM, Thursdays @ 16:45PM
Free Yoga In The Park: Saturdays @ 08:00AM.