Yoga Classes

Professional Yoga Instruction

Find flow with Hatha-inspired yoga classes with a focus on precision and form to get you in touch with your body, finding balance, strength and flexibility. Classes are geared towards issues of lifestyle (e.g. sitting too much) or areas of overuse, such as runners who never stretch their hamstrings. Should you have specific areas you would like to focus on, please inform your instructor.

One-on-one classes are also available for more focused attention or for those who would like to build more confidence and experience before joining the bigger group classes. 

Beginners Yoga

The beginner’s yoga class is ideal for individuals who have a history of injury or little experience with yoga. It is practiced at a slower pace, allowing participants to focus on learning their bodies through each posture. We work on building up strength and stamina to a healthy level, though members are encouraged to listen to their bodies and take it easy when required.

Intermediate Yoga

The intermediate class was born with cyclists and endurance athletes in mind. Classes tend to be faster paced, taking advantage of the pre-existing fitness levels, while challenging areas which are often neglected, particularly upper body and core strength, and flexibility in general. Members tend to have some degree of existing strength or experience in yoga with very little history of injury, OR a good understanding of their existing injuries and how to manage them.

Saturday Free Yoga In The Park

Since December 2015, yoga classes in the park have been offered for free as a way to give back to and connect with the community. It has been such a joy to practice classes in the outdoors, with the fresh air in your hair and the birdsong cheering you on. All levels are welcome, however, due to the diverse range of participants, classes tend to be on the easier side.

Group Yoga Classes

Visit our In Studio page for more information about group yoga classes at our Northcliff studio.

Private Yoga Rates

Yoga is a journey towards deep connection with your body, and the beginners class facilitates the beginnings of the mind body communications. An intermediate class requires participants be kind to their bodies and avoid forcing movements which their bodies are not yet ready for. Our Saturday classes are free and will remain so forever. Classes are tailored to all skill levels.

Private Classes

Once per week: R480 per class

Twice per week: R420 per class 


2 people: R280pp per class

3+ people: R250pp per class