Sports Massage

A deep tissues massage by a qualified massage therapist.

What Is A Sports Massage?

Not your everyday aromatherapy massage: a deeper tissue massage which targets specific muscles in order to find relief, improve circulation, which aids in recovery and can assist with injury management. We believe that many of our health concerns would be improved if only we moved more. Because movement matters – to you, to your health, and to us!

Sports massages can help speed up recovery, improve circulation, as well as relieve muscle tension. Sports massages are also great for increasing flexibility, increasing joint range of motion, and can reduce risk of injury. They can even result in better sleep, decreased stress, increased sense of overall wellbeing, and increased lymph system activity. Contact us to find out more.

For Athletes

Our sports massages for athletes are for those who need to maintain and improve their flexibility; those who do intense strength training and need assistance helping the muscles to be less tense; and those looking to increase their recovery time during the peak of their training

For Non-Athletes

Our sports massages for non-athletes are for people who spend too much time behind a computer screen or seated in their daily work tasks; casual exercisers who need help maintaining their current levels of exercise through relaxing their muscles and improving their flexibility; individuals suffering from tension headaches; and those wishing to improve their posture or help to manage their lower back pain.

Our Rates

Sports massages are not covered as part of Biokinetics services, therefore cannot be claimed back.

60 minute massage


30 minute massage